Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/77/82 Margt Game widow v Jn Felix)

1561# (no date) about 3Eliz1 (1561)

document 19500222

the defendant not knowledging or confessing to be true anything material in the said bill of complaint contained and saving the advantage of exception to the insufficiency of the said bill of complaint for answer saith that he and Margt his late wife the sister and heir of Wm Goldwire and the daughter and heir of Robt Goldwire in the said bill named were lawfully seised in fee according to the custom of the said manor in the right of the said Margt and in the said premises customary and had issue together and after the death of the said Margt the said defendant was and is thereof tenant of courtesy according to the custom of the said manor and the issues and profits thereof for a long time he had quietly had and peaceably enjoyed the reversion thereof belonging to the said issue without that that the said Robt Goldwire by any will or surrender sufficient according to the law and custom of the said manor did bequeath the said land and tenements customary to be sold or otherwise dispossess or that the said wife of the said Robt Goldwire or any other person or persons for money or otherwise did or could lawfully sell or alien the same but the same did lawfully descend to the said Wm and after to the said Margt as right heir by virtue of the custom aforesaid without that the said complainant hath paid such money as in the said bill of complaint is surmised and if she did as to the defendants knowledge she did not yet the same is nothing material against the said defendant without that that any other thing in the said bill of complaint contained actual or material to be answered unto and herein not sufficiently confessed avoided denied and traversed is true all which matters the said defendant is ready to aver as this court shall award and prays to be dismissed with his costs for his wrongful vexation in this behalf sustained