Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/77/82 Margt Game widow v Jn Felix)

8.11.4Eliz1 (Sunday 8 November 1562)

document 19500374

the said complainant replieth and saith as she before in her said bill of complaint hath alleged and avereth and maintaineth in and all and everything and things matter and matters therein contained to be good and true in manner and form as in the said bill is alleged without that the said Robt Goldwire named in the said answer was of the premises seised or died thereof seised or that the premises by and after the death of the said Robt did descend unto Wm Goldwire named also in the said answer as son and heir unto the said Robt or that the premises after the death of the said Wm did descend to one Margt as daughter of the said Robt and sister and heir of the said Wm and without that the said Margt and the said defendant her husband were thereof lawfully seised in fee in her right according to the custom of the said manor or that she died thereof seised or that the said defendant was or yet is thereof seised as tenant by the courtesy for the term of his life according to the custom of the said manor or hath lawfully enjoyed the rents and profits thereof for a long time by the hands of the said complainant and her late husband as their undertenants or that any such matter shall evidently appear either by the letters of the lord of Oxford lord of the said manor or by any other lawful means without that that any other matter material contained or in the said answer and herein this replication not sufficiently confessed and avoided traversed or denied is true all which matter or matters the said complainant is ready to aver and prove as this honourable court shall award and prayeth as before