Freehold Titles (ERO D/DHwT104 eighth document Thos Saville etc to Jn Saville New House)

1.11.1679 (Saturday 1 November 1679)

document 27800005

this indenture made 1.11.1679 between Thos Savill of Colne Engaine in the county of Essex gentleman and Sibilla his wife of the one part and Jn Savill of Colchester in the said county gentleman of the other part witnesseth that for the conveying selling and assuring of the messuages and lands hereinafter mentioned to and for the uses that hereinafter expressed the said Thos Savill and Sibilla his wife have granted conveyed and agreed and by these presents do covenant grant and agree to and with the said Jn Savill his executors and administrators by these presents that they the said Thos Savill and Sibilla his wife that before the end of this present michaelmas term shall and will at the proper cost and charges in law of the said Thos Savill by fine sur cognisance de droit come ceo etc to be duly levied before the justices of his majestys court of common pleas at Westminster whereupon proclamation shall and may be had and made according to usual course of fines with proclamations for assurances of land in such case used grant and convey unto the said Jn and his heirs by such apt and convenient names number and quantity of acres and other descriptions as shall be thought meet all that messuage or tenement situate lying and being in Earls Colne in the said county of Essex commonly called or known by name of New House or by whatsoever other name or names the same be called or known with all the lands meadows pastures hopgrounds aldercarrs feedings and appurtenances to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining or therewith used demised enjoyed or accepted reputed or taken part parcel or member thereof now in the tenure or occupation of Jn Surry his assignee or assigns and it is concluded and agreed by and between all the parties to these presents and hereby declared that the said fine so as aforesaid or in any other manner to be levied of the said messuages lands and premises shall be and enure and shall be construed adjudged and taken to be and enure and the said counsee therein to be named and his heirs shall stand and be seised of the same to the use of the said Thos Savill his heirs and assigns forever and to and for none other use intent of purpose whatsoever in witness whereof the parties to these presents hath hereunto put their hands and seals the day and year first above written Thos Savill Sibilla Savill Jn Savill