Freehold Titles (ERO D/DHwT104 sixth document |two copies| Jn Saville fine)

..31Chas2 (1692)

document 27900005

this is the final agreement made in the court of the king at Westiminster in the octave of martinmas 31Chas2 before Francis North Jn Archer Hugh Wyndham Robt Atkyns and Wm Ellys justices and others of the lord king then there present between Jn Savill gentleman plaintiff Thos Savill gentleman and Sibilla his wife deforciants of one messuage 60a of land 10a of meadow 160a of pasture and 3a of aldercarr with appurtenances in Earls Colne whereupon a plea of covenant was summoned between them in the same court that is to say Thos and Sibilla aforesaid the lands and appurtenances to be the right of Jn Savill that the same Jn had of the gift of the said Thos and Sibilla of the use of Thos and Sibilla and the heirs of Thos to the aforesaid Jn and his heirs forever and moreover the said Thos and Sibilla have granted for them and the heirs of the said Thos to warrant the aforesaid Jn and his heirs the aforesaid lands with appurtenances and Thos and Sibilla for their heirs forever quitclaim the premises and warrant and concede it to the said Jn who gave the said Thos and Sibilla 160li