Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr250 abstracts of titles to Hansers Hedge)

14.11.1738-15.11.1738 (Tuesday 14 November 1738)

document 31800180

by indenture of lease and release of this date the release being in three parts made between Jn Wale junior of the Inner Temple of the first part Jn Holgate of Bishopsgate St London druggist of the second part and Thos Wade of Staples Inn London gentleman of the third part it was witnessed that for barring and destroying the several intails and remainders in or upon the undivided moieties of the manors or in or upon the messuages lands tenements and hereditaments therein after mentioned to be granted and released and settling the same to the uses therein after declared and in consideration of 10s to the said Jn Wale paid by the said Jn Holgate he the said Jn Wale did grant alien release and confirm unto the said Jn Holgate in his actual possession then being etc and to his devisees among divers other hereditaments all that wood called Hansers Hedge situate lying and being in Earls Colne and the reversions and the estate etc to hold the same with the appurtenances to the use of Jn Holgate his heirs to the only proper use and behoof of the said Jn Holgate to the intent and purpose that the said Jn Holgate m ight be a perfect tenant of the freehold and inheritance of all and singular the said premises with appurtenances until a good and perfect common recovery with double voucher be executed and suffered of all and singular the said premises against him the said Jn Wale to the uses therein after declared and it was covenanted by and between all the said parties that during that michaelmas term or in hilary term then next following the said Wade should sue out of his majestys court of chancery and prosecute one or more writ or writs of entry sur disseisin en le post against the said Jn Holgate returnable before his majesties justices of the court of common pleas at Westminster for all the said hereditaments with appurtenances therein before mentioned to be hereby granted and released by such acts and convenient names and titles quantity of acres and quality of land and other descriptions as should be thought proper unto which said writ or writs the said Jn Holgate should appear gratis and vouch the said Jn Wale the younger to warrant the same who should likewise appear gratis and vouch to warrant the premises the common vouchee of the court who would likewise appear plead and imparl and after imparlance make default whereupon judgement may be had of the said Thos Wade to recover the premises against the said Jn Holgate and for him to recover in value against the said Jn Wale the younger and it was thereby covenanted and agreed that the said common recovery after the execution thereof should be and enure and should be construed adjuged and taken and it was thereby declared to be and enure and that the said Thos Wade and his heirs should stand and be seised of all the said premises and every part thereof to the us e and behoof of the said Jn Wale the younger his heirs and assigns forever executed by Jn Wale junior Jn Holgate and Thos Wade and duly attested