Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/5 letters concerning the school)

3.10.1673 (Friday 3 October 1673)

document 32300688

London 3.10.1673 sir I gave ye a short account of what I had done in reference to the school I have here I enclosed in a box the deed from the earl what further assurance ye will have ye may by agreement before mr Humphres was dead I was to give my lord 100guineas and to gratify him for his pains after he heard that Humphres was dead then he began to grow upon me and that he was offered 150li I did urge our former agreement and I have given my lord 100guineas which is 107li10s and himself 10li he presseth hard for 10li more the earl desired that he might recommend a fit person to ye I told him he might be assured ye would put in an able man I am informed ye may put in one for what time ye please I bless god we are all well pray let us know if they have sold the priory hops or how they will sell them we buy good corn seed at 50s so in good haste rest your loving brother Jn Cressener if the hops at Muntt be bagged let them be sent to Colchester to mr Geo Cressener rest at Earls Colne