Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/1/11 deeds concerning the Free School numbers refer to pages)

21.5.1614 (Saturday 21 May 1614)

document 32301644

21.5.1614 by a writing of that date purporting to be a bond but unexecuted Xoph Scott of Markshall in Essex clerk indemnifies Rose Preston against Wm Adams of Earls Colne in Essex aforesaid and all other persons for her payment of 10nobles being half a years rent of lands in Ardley in the said county of Essex for the maintenance of a free grammar school in Earls Colne aforesaid which said rent was paid by her the said Rose Preston to the said Xoph Scott notwithstanding a demand thereof made by the said Wm Adams who as well as the said Xoph Scott claimed the same by virtue of a grant thereof pretended to have been made by the earl of Oxford see the 30.9.1673