Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/3/12 the Cressener pedigree taken from memorial in Earls Colne church)

1722 (1722)

document 32600005

(date approximate as no date given) at the west end of the south aisle in Earls Colne church is a very handsome monument embellished with the Cresseners arms and quarterings and other ornaments sacred to the memory of the ancient family of Cressener in the vault beneath with several of his ancestors to whose memory this monument was by himself ordered to be erected lie interred the remains of Geo Cressener esq descended from a family originally of norman extraction who soon after the conquest fixed themselves at Haukedon and Reed in Suffolk and gave name to their chief place of their residence there called Cresseners to this day from thence about the reign of Hen the fourth they branched themselves into Essex and Norfolk and held divers considerable lordships in the several counties aforesaid they ennobled their blood by marrying into the illustrious houses of Mortimer lords of Attilbu rgh and Ferrers earls of Derby and Nottingham whose arms they bear quarterly and by which means they became possessed of the manors of Mortimers and Ferrers as also by the alliance of Wm Cressener of Cresseners in the parish of Haukedon aforesaid esq who married Margt relict of Rich lord Scrope of Bolton daughter of Ralph Nevill first earl of Westmoreland from which match the Cresseners of Morely in Norfolk and this family are lineally descended their ancient place of sepulchre was the Black Fryers in Sudbury but for several generations they have been buried in this church the said Geo Cressener married Maria Anna only daughter of Nath Tayler of Nun Monkdon in Yorkshire esq by Eliz his wife daughter of Rich Hutchinson esq treasurer of the navy by her he had a numerous issue several of which died young those which survived are Edw Geo and Nath Eliz married Sam Tuffenell of Langleys in Great Waltham in Essex esq and Anna Maria he died 4.11.1722 and by his last will and testament dated 28.7.1722 preceding left to this parish 5li per annum issuing out of freehold houses in Golden Lane in London of which 3li per annum are appropriated solely towards the repairs of this monument and vault adjoining and 2li per annum to be distributed yearly in bread among the poor of the said parish