Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/3/13 the Cressener genealogy compiled by Edw Percival)

=.=.1768 (1768)

document 32600101

genealogy of the Cresseners wrote by Edw Percival 1768 Thos Cressener of Morely in Norfolk married Ann Lynyhooke Wm (son) married Mordant of Bumstead sir Jn Cressener of Morly (son) married Hevingham Jn (son) Jn of Cresseners in Norfolk (son) Geo of Woodham Waters in Essex (son) Edw of do (Woodham Waters) (son) Thos of do (Woodham Waters) (son) Thos of do (Woodham Waters) (son)