Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/3/13 the Cressener genealogy compiled by Edw Percival)

=.=.1768 (1768)

document 32600113

Jn of do (Woodham Waters) (son) married Sibilla Bainham Geo of Blatherwick in Northhampton (son) married Freebody deceased 1610 Edw of Earls Colne married Eliz Halsal deceased 1648 Rosomond third daughter married Jn Woodward Eliz second daughter died unmarried Mary first daughter had no issue Geo of do (Earls Colne) married Mary Haling he died 3.7.1677 third son Edw died at 35yr first son second son died before baptism Jn fourth son a grocer in London - Hester fifth daughter Rosomond fourth daughter (married) Thos Wragg Sibilla third daughter (married) Thos Saville Eliz second daughter married Nath Hickford Mary first daughter (married) N Sibley Edw fifth son of London tobacconist married Eliz Marner she died 4.6.1734 aged 87yr Edw first son died an infant Geo second son died unmarried Jn third son married Eliz Franklin died without issue Humph fourth son died - a child born 1690 Eliz first daughter married Edw Clifford of London Bridge Jn (son) born 1693 died a bachelor Ann second daughter married Jn Percivall of White Cross Street sugar refiner he died 1.9.1744 she died 4.4.1761 she born 4.7.1698 old style he born 11.12.1701 old style (daughter Eliz and Edw ) Eliz married to Wm Towle of London druggist born 1709 died 1755 born 10.6.1710 died 12.5.1760 Sam (son) born 9.8.1751 new style (children Ann and Jn ) Ann first child died an infant Edw first son now living in Cheapside born 8.2.1727 old style died 11.8.1798 new style Jn second son died an infant