Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6ACC 6029/9)

.5.1680 (May 1680)

document 32800359

the estate Golden Lane London at# Butt# the Bun# house 83li Earls Colne the house and lands called Chaundlers in the ok (sic possibly occupation) of Wm Booles 70li Coulne Engaine the illegible text of Wm Hull and lands to it and houses let to Hull 22li ditto (Colne Engaine) a farm called Melbrooke mr Webb 20li (line underneath crossed out) White Coulne the farm let Jas Wallforde 14li Earls Colne the Hooll Meadows 40li 249li the house commonly called Totmans 10li 259li Coulne Engaine the farm called Crofts 16li (sum total) 265li (above this there are several workings as follows) 83li 70li 20li 16li 27li words (last three then added) 63li the agreement was 2000li dower for the portion the jointure 250li agreed but to avoid the covenant that the rents are now of that value and so shall continue and for discharging the quitrents the 15li agreed is added and so the above lands and tenements are to be accepted to be settled in this manner to mr Jn Cressener and Eliz Francklin his intended wife for life and the longer liver of them two with power reserved to them or either of them to grant leases for any term not exceeding twenty one years reserving the respective rents they now go at or the rents of such as are unlet what they were let for or so much as can be got without taking any fine to state the annual value the remainder to the first begotten son of the said Jn on the body of the said Eliz and his heirs forever and for want of such issue to the second begotten son of the said Jn on the body of the said Eliz begotten or to be begotten and his heirs and so to all and every son and sons of them the said Jn and Eliz and their heirs respectively the elder to be preferred before the younger and for want of such heirs to the right heirs of the said Jn Cressener forever and in case the said Jn Cressner shall happen to have no sons on the body of the said Eliz to take the foresaid estate and shall and shall survive the said Eliz and shall have one or more daughters on the body of the said Eliz begotten in that case the lands to be subjected to the payment of 3000li to and amongst such daughter or daughters as shall be most dutiful unto the said Jn Cressener and he shall judge deserving of his fatherly love and kindness to be paid unto her or them respectively at the time of marriage so as such marriage be had and made by and with the approbation of him the said Jn Cressener or other ways within six months after his the said Jn Cressener's death to such daughter or daughters as shall have attained her or their full age of eighteen years and to such daughter or daughters as shall not at six months after his decease be of the age of eighteen years either the 3000li in case there happen to be only one daughter or in case there be more then the several apportionments as he the said Jn Cressener shall order in his last will or by any other writings in the time of his life under his hand and seal to be paid at their respective attainment of eighteen years of age so as the several apportionments in the whole either paid in the time of his life or appointed to be paid after his death do amount in the whole to 3000li of good and lawful money of England in accomplishment and satisfaction of this agreement power to be given the jointures to fell timber for necessary repairs of all or any of the houses tenements buildings mills and fences standing or to stand upon the premises to be expended upon the same but not elsewhere