Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr265 Hen Prentice etc to Thos Chatterton Warkmans tenement)

3.12.5Eliz1 (Saturday 3 December 1562)

document 50200005

(in latin) know all men by these presents that we Hen Prentice senior of White Colne husbandman and Jn Leffingwell of Earls Colne on the special instance and desire of Thos Chatterton late of Earls Colne joiner give concede and by these present writings confirm to the aforesaid Thos Chatterton one tenement with a garden adjoining containing 2r of land more or less and all lands to the tenement appertaining called Warkmans lying in Earls Colne aforesaid between a tenement once of Jn Senolde late of Thos Rothe now of Rich Rothe senior on the east part and a croft of land called Cowescroft on the west part one head abuts on the said croft to the part of the north and the other head abuts on the way to Halstead from Earls Colne to the south which tenement and all appurtenances were late by Rose Curlewe Jn Chatterton and Jn Estey deceased conceded by deed to Rich Curlewe late of Earls Colne aforesaid deceased by a deed dated 1.6.28Hen8 to have and to hold the aforesaid tenement and all appurtenances to the aforesaid Thos Chatterton his heirs and assigns to his sole use and the use of the aforesaid Thos Chatterton and his heirs of the chief lords of the fee by all services owed and by right accustomed 3.12.5Eliz1 witnessed in the presence of Jn Petfeld Jn Umfray Jn Foques Edw Snellock with others