Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr143 receipts for monies paid for Colne Priory)

8.5.1592 (Monday 8 May 1592)

document 51600206

whereas it was agreed etc that Israel Amice together with Jn Drawater and Jn Holmes the two patentees of the said Israel Amice shall part convey etc all such lands and were in my possession so far forth as by virtue of her majesties patents granted etc they might protect convey etc and also whereas by my sufficient deed indented bearing date 7.2.34Eliz1 I have bargained and sold unto Rich Harlakenden all the site ground walk circuit etc of the house and late priory or monastery of the blessed mary the virgin and st jn the evangelist of Colne Comitis alias Earls Colne in Essex together with other things mentioned in the said indenture of bargain and sale and other conveyances concerning the sure conveying of the premises so sold as aforesaid now my will and pleasure is that according to our said former agreement and my covenant and promise unto the said Harlakenden you the said Amice Drawater and Holmes do by your sufficient conveyance protect and convey all the said lands and other things mentioned and sold as aforesaid as by the said indenture it doth and may appear unto the said Harlakenden or his assigns so far as by virtue of the said letters patents you may protect and assure the same and this my warrant under my hand and seal dated 8.5.1592 shall be your sufficient discharge Edw Oxford