Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr165)

1.8.1595 (Friday 1 August 1595)

document 52200005

to all and singular christian faithful to whom these present testimonial letters may come to see read and hear and anywhere within written that may concern or shall be able to concern in any way in the future Rich by divine permission bishop of London offer greeting and certain faith by these presents to all we have prepared notice and for preparation we maintain by these presents as for the diligent search and investigation in our registry and of our predecessors bishops of London by our beloved in christ Wm Blackwell notary public of the court register and of our register faithfully kept by the custodian amongst others in the same registry in this search finding and regranting in the same being viz in the register of lord Robt Gilbert once bishop of London so to regrant viz to all sons of the holy mother church this present writing shall see and hear brother Roger prior of the church and convent of the Blessed Marie of Colne in the diocese of London and the convent of the same place and Roger perpetual vicar of the church of Colne St Andrews greeting in the lord everlasting be it know to all that between us the prior and convent aforesaid on the one part and Roger perpetual vicar aforesaid on the other part upon ordination and assignation of the portions of the vicar of the church aforesaid for the good peace and utility between both parties and that hereafter in some way or other no matter or dissension upon the same portion may arise we have made amicable and real composition in this manner viz that the same Roger the vicar and all his successors forever shall hold one suitable mansion with the houses edifices gardens curtilages situate in the parish of Colne before said and also that the same and all his successors forever may take and shall hold all altarages with all tithes made of the meadows of the same town except the tithes made of the meadows of the lord earl and all our meadows and also all tithes everywhere in the same town except the tithes of the mill of Rich de Chaltney our mill and except tithes from our monastery and of the manor of the lord earl by whatever right it may come so clearly for all and singular the vicars pay to the archdeacon of the place the procurements and the rents the same pertaining and the same vicar and all his successors shall pay to the said prior and convent and their successors forever an annual rent of 4d for two parcels taken out of the bondage of the said prior and convent in witness whereof to all the seal of the said prior and convent and the seal of the dean of Chelmysforde for the procurement of the said Roger the vicar to these indentures interchangeably are set given at Colne aforesaid the third# ides of may 1355 which all and singular we attest to be true by these presents in which all and singular of the premises and witness in faith this our present testimonial letter above there made and sealed by our vicar in spiritual matters general which lastly in this part to these presents made given until the present ensealing 21.8.1595 and in the first year of our translation Wm Blackwell