Freehold Titles (Earls Colne extracts from Feet of Fines for Essex in four volumes 1182-1547 editors various)

1254-1255 (1255)

document 52300329

octave of st martin Reginald son of Hen de Colum demandant Hen prior of Colum whom Cecily who was the wife of Hen de Colum vouched to warranty 7a of land with appurtenances in Colum assize of mort d'ancester demandant ackowledged the right of the prior and his church the prior granted to demandant 4a of the same land with appurtenances to wit those lying in a certain field called Bradefeld next the land of Hen Dengayne towards the west to hold to demandant for life by the yearly rent of 20d for all service suit of court custom and exaction reversion to the prior and his successors on the death of demandant