Freehold Titles (Earls Colne extracts from Feet of Fines for Essex in four volumes 1182-1547 editors various)

1254-1255 (1255)

document 52300356

morrow of st martin Hugh de Vere earl of Oxford plaintiff Abbel de St Martin of this that Abbel was summoned to answer to plaintiff wherefore he raised a certain market in Haltstede to the injury of the plaintiff's free markets of Hengham and Colum plaintiff granted for him and his heirs that Abbel and his heirs henceforth shall have and hold his said market in Haltstede every saturday after the ninth hour without contradiction or impediment or plaintiff or his heirs and Abbel granted to plaintiff half mark of rent with appurtenances to be received yearly from the tenements which Jn del Soler Jn le Webber Warin the merchant Ralph Dunch and Mich Hervi hold of Abbel in the said town to wit from Jn del Soler and his heirs 18d from Jn de Webber and his heirs 2s6d from Warin and his heirs 15d from Ralph and his heirs 12d and from Mich and his heirs 5d at the two terms to wit a moiety at easter and the other moiety at michaelmas saving nevertheless to Abbel and his heirs homages wardships reliefs scutages escheats and all other services appertaining to the said tenements except the said half mark of rent to hold of Abbel and his heirs by the yearly rent of one pair of white gloves or 1h at easter for all service suit of court custom and exaction Jn del Soler and the others were present and granted for them and their heirs that it shall be lawful to plaintiff to distrain their chattels in default of payment