Freehold Titles (Feet of Fine for Essex vol2 1272-1326)

1296 (1296)

document 52300642

trinity Wm le Sutton and Margery his wife plaintiffs by Aunfrid de Staunton Benedict Wade and Robt de Sutton defendants two messuages illegible text acres of land 4a of meadow 6a of pasture 10a of wood and 40s of rent in Great Fordham Wythermundeford Bures illegible text Colne Great Tey and Aldham in the county of Essex and sixteen messuages one mill six carucates of wood and illegible text of rent in Tyclshale Greyeston Godewyk Wessingsete Wylinghale and Pateslee in the county of Norfolk plea of covenant plaintiff acknowledged the premises to be the right of Benedict and for this defendants granted the same to plaintiff and the heirs of Wm of the body of Margery to hold of the chief lords with remainder to the right heirs of Wm Essex and Norfolk