Freehold Titles (Feet of Fine for Essex vol2 1272-1326)

1330 (1330)

document 52301081

Robt de Cheddeworth and Wm de Parco plaintiffs Robt de Veer earl of Oxford defendant the castle of Hengham and the manors of Hengham Hengham Sibille Colne Benetlegh Gelham Kanefeud Dounham Fyngre Dodyngherst and Bumpstede county of Essex Kensyngton county of Middx Campes Abyton and Saxton county of Cambridge Laneleye and Bradeleye county of Berks Chesham and Calverton county of Bucks and Laueham Overhalle Laueham Netherhalle and Audham county of Suffolk defendant and the heirs of his body to hold of the king and his heirs with remainder to Jn de Veer and his heirs this agreement was made by precept of the king Essex Cambridge Bucks Middx Berks Suffolk