Calendar of Close Rolls (PRO C54)

30.5.1392 (Thursday 30 May 1392)

document 12400173

Stamford to the sheriff of Essex order upon petition of Jn Kent of Thakstede if assured that before 2.5.last Maud de Veer countess of Oxford sold him wood to the value of 100marks and no more and that he caused it to be cut down before that date to deliver the same to him suffering him to carry it from the parks of Colne and Bentleygh and to make his advantage thereof as by letters patent of 28.7.last the king granted licence to the countess for better maintenance of her estate to fall and sell the wood to the value of 400marks in one payment pertaining to the lands by her held in dower or for life of the heritage of Robt de Veer her son with reversion to the king by reason of a judgement against the said Robt rendered in parliament and now Jn Kent has shown the king that she sold him the wood aforesaid growing in the said parks by her so held in dower but that by colour of a writ of 2.5.last to him addressed he is hindered from carrying the same thence although he contented the countess for the same as was agreed between them and at great cost caused it to be cut down