Calendar of Close Rolls (PRO C54)

26.3.1394 (Thursday 26 March 1394)

document 12400194

Westminster to R bishop of London order to survey the house of St Mary Colne and all manors lands rents possessions jewels books muniments etc thereto belonging and to make such disposition and order for custody of the same that none be spent or laid out unduly while a plea is pending in the court christian between Hen Kebbyll (prior) elect of that house as he avers and the monks his fellows on the one part and Maud de Veer countess of Oxford claiming to be the patroness thereof on the other part as it has come to the king's ears and he believes the bishop is not ignorant how the matter of wearisome debate has arisen between the parties and turning his eyes to the estate of the house the king is aware that by costs which must needs be incurred the possessions thereof are like to be wasted and by dispersion of the monks the divine worship and works of piety there established of old time are like to be withdrawn and it pertains to the bishop wholesomely to reform the premises according to the duty of his office