Calendar of Patent Rolls (PRO C66)

10.11.1400 (Tuesday 10 November 1400)

document 12600274

commission of oyer and terminer to Wm Rikhill Wm Brenchesle Rich Waldegrave chivaler Thos Coggeshale Clem Spice and Thos Lampet on complaint by Hen prior of Earls Colne that Matilda countess of Oxford Jn Preston monk Thos Mounchesy Thos Tue Jn Preston esq Roger Boleyne Jas Picard Jn Sumpter Lance Cook Jn Swalewe Jn Harold Roger Palfreyman Thos Smyth Thos Hunte Thos Hotte Thos Hansepe Wm Ayllewy Jn Glover Simon Warde Jn that was Nicolservant Brayham (sic) Adam Edward Reginald Cook Jn Yinge Robt Bray Wm Breton clerk Thos Peper and Wm Peryboon and other evil doers broke his close and house at Earls Colne by night assaulted and imprisoned him and carried him from thence to divers places within the county of Essex and then back shamefully clad to the said town where they detained him until he had sworn on the host never to disturb the said Jn Preston in his claim and possession of the priory or to divulge the fact that he had taken the oath under compulsion cut down his trees and underwood there and at Messinge and Great Bentelee fished in his several fishery at Earls Colne carried away fish trees and underwood and other goods consumed his corn and grass and assaulted his fellow monks and servants for 20s paid in the hanaper