Calendar of Patent Rolls (PRO C66)

27.5.1401 (Friday 27 May 1401)

document 12600357

commission of oyer and terminer to Jn Markham Wm Hankeford Robt Tirwhit Robt Hull Robt de Teye and Thos Horneby on complaint by the king's kinswoman Matilda de Veer countess of Oxford that Hen Kebell monk brother Jn Sudbury monk Jn Inglesthorpe Jn Broun chaplain Jn Thorgow Rich Heved Thos Aleyn Jn Wright of Colne Jn Croydon Jn Sonyld Adam Cardemaker Robt Bery Steph Tylere Jn de Asshe Geof Hervy Thos Frensh Wm Ookham Jn Jegun clerk Jn Brigge of Halstead Jn Glover of Teye Jn Nowers Robt Witton clerk Thos Sonyld Jn Hyherd of Hengham Castle Robt Middilton Jn Lok of Halstede Jn Glasier of Halstede Wm Otes of Little Hadham Thos Debenham Jn Rampton the younger Jn Stoure Robt Oghan and other evil doers went armed to her mansion in Earls Colne Essex broke her close park and certain chests there entered her free warren hunted in the park and warren besieged her in her mansion and threatened her with arson and other evils so that for a long time she dared not leave it fished in her stews and several fishery there carried off fish deed hares rabbits pheasants and partridges and charters writings and other muniments concerning her right and inheritance and the right of the king after her death assaulted bound and ill-treated her men and servants threw some of them in ditches and detained them until they delivered up six horses of hers worth 20li and goods and chattels for 20s paid in the hanaper