Calendar State Papers Domestic (PRO SP/1)

20.7.1536 (Thursday 20 July 1536)

document 12900011

Jn de Veer kg earl of Oxford great chamberlain of England grant in tail of the site etc of the late priory of St Mary and John Colne Comitis alias Earls Colne Essex suppressed by parliament the church bell tower and churchyard of the said priory the messuages houses granaries etc belonging to the said late priory the manor of Colne alias Colne Priory in Earls Colne the manors of Barwyke in White Colne and Ingesthorp Essex and Ingeston Cambs the rectories churches and chapels of Earls Colne Great Bentley Walter Belchamp alias Beauchamp Walter Dovercourt Harwiche Messyng and White Colne Essex and the rectory of the parish church of Wykham Cambs lately appropriated to the said late priory and the advowsons of the rectories vicarages and chapels of Earls Colne White Colne Dovercourt Harwyche Messyng Great Bentley and Walter Belchamp and the rectory or parish church of Wykeham with all glebes and tithes praedial personal and mixed belonging to the said rectories etc and the following annuities pensions and portions viz 20s from the rectory and church of Stansted 10s from the rectory and church of Hedyngham Syble 14s4d from the church of Maplested Magna 6s from the rectory or church of Aldham 8s from the rectory and church of Mount Bures 33s4d from the church and rectory of Lavenham 20s from the church of Aldham Suffolk those portions of tithes issuing from the rectories and churches of Mount Bures Stansted Hedyngham Sible Great Maplested Little Maplested Essex and from the rectories churches vicarages and chapels of Lavenham and Aldham Suffolk the manors messuages lands etc which belonged to the said late house and priory or monastery in the vills fields parishes or hamlets of Earls Colne White Colne Colne Engaine Colne Wake Pedmershe Lanmershe Mount Bures Walter B elchamp Dovercourt Harwyche Great Bentley Messynge Aldham Stansted Hedyngham Syble Great Maplested Little Maplested and Ingesthorp Essex Ingeston and Wykham Cambs Lavenham and Aldham Suffolk and in any other county and place in England whereof Robt Abell late prior was seised in the right of the said priory 4.2.last or any of his predecessors previously with reservations as to the manor of Creppynge Suffolk the rectory of the parish church of Edwardston Suffolk and a mill called Borfleet Mill in Great Bentley Essex and all lands rents and services in Creppynge and Edwardston Suffolk and Eythrop Rodyng Essex etc (further grant of lands in Hedingham Castle) all of the annual value of 160li to be held by a rent of 16li12s by way of tenth and another of 49li8s Westminster 20.7.28Hen8