Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ACD1)

.9.1588 (September 1588)

document 600013

illegible text was present in the parlour of the dwelling with the said Agnes in Earls Colne aforesaid upon wednesday being the wednesday fortnight before easter sunday last past 6.4.1588 in the morning about eight of the clock where and when the said Agnes lay very sick being then present also mrs Church mrs Peirson and the goodwife Abbott her fellow witnesses and she saith that the time and place in the presence of this examinant and the rest of the said witnesses the said Wm Bieston being come into the same parlour seeing the said Agnes his mother very sick did kneel down weeping to see her so sick did ask her blessing whereupon the said Agnes laying her hand upon his head said unto him as followeth"god bless thee son all is thine both within doors and without illegible text " and this examinant saith that about an hour after the premises goodwife =erry the goodwife Rede neighbours of the said Agnes Beiston came to the said parlour to the said Agnes to illegible text she did and a while after coming they illegible text her one after another to bestow somewhat upon the said     Paine her daughter illegible text gown whereunto she illegible text such an old illegible text as she illegible text mrs Church mrs Person illegible text this examinant being then present the said goodwife =erry and goodwife Rede and illegible text the said illegible text she saith that the said illegible text and the said goodwife Rede did illegible text and the first deponent illegible text did then tie upon a illegible text by the said parties