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Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ACD1)

.9.1588 (September 1588)

document 600068

to the tenth question that the said Agnes Beiston being perceived to plunge very fast after she had uttered foresaid words to the said Wm Beiston when he asked her blessing the bell was tolled for her tolling the said goodwife Berry and goodwife Rede did move her as afore is said to give somewhat to the said Joan her daughter the said Agnes Beiston being then of perfect memory reddens causam sciente sue ut illegible text notwithstanding the tolling of the said bell and she saith that the said Agnes continued in memory about an hour after the tolling of the said bell at what time this examinant did draw the cloth over her face perceiving that she was far gone weak and illegible text of memory