Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ACD2/84v-85)

30.6.1615 (Friday 30 June 1615)

document 600426

(in latin) the witness to the examination of the will of Wm Smith of Earls Colne deceased 29.6.1615 Simon Ive of Colne Engaine in the county of Essex yeo when he had worked about one year or thereabouts said he did freely witness that he knew well Wm Smith testator for about twelve years or thereabouts to his good knowledge to the said allegations and depositions that upon the 18.8.1611 the said testator sent for this deponent to come unto him at whose request he went unto his house in White Colne where he then dwelt and found him this testator in his house who told this deponent that he sent for him to write his will whereupon this deponent according to the instructions which he received from him did presently write his will whereupon he is now examined and after it was finished he read it out unto him the said testator in the presence of Robt Ive and Edw Peartree the said testator did like very well of it and said it was according to his mind and in consideration thereof did set his hand and seal as by the same doth appear and further this deponent saith that the said testator did nominate and appoint Jn Byrde his brother in law his sole executor and moreover he saith that the said testator was at that time of perfect mind and memory and lived after the making thereof three or four years or thereabouts and lastly he saith that the will whereupon he is now examined is the very same will which was then read and sealed and subscribed by the said testator as abovesaid because it is written all with his own hand which he well knoweth and otherwise he knows not Simon Ives 30.6.1615 Robt Aylett surrogate