Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD1)

28.6.1620 (Wednesday 28 June 1620)

document 700025

first witness Simon Ive of Colne Engaine in Essex yeo where he had lived for two years or thereabouts and before of White Colne for seven years (sic) or thereabouts aged 60yr or so said he had known Geo Knopp well for two years or so he went to the house of Jn Welford of White Colne in White Colne on the date of the will to write the will as instructed the said testator told him that he would have him to write his will and then gave him instructions for the same according to which instructions he saith he wrote this will exhibited and having finished the same he read it over unto the said testator who hearing the contents thereof did set his mark and seal Simon Ive