Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

31.1.1621 (Wednesday 31 January 1621)

document 700910

to the first and the eleventh articles of the said allegations said and deposed that she this deponent did know the articulate Alice March Margt French and Thos Jones when they were servants to the articulate Isabel Collin and that they were all poor folks and lived by their service and had no other means to live by and that the said Margt French and Thos Jones were within that time of their service there very lousy of this deponents certain knowledge for that she this deponent helping the said Isabel to wash did find the shirts and smocks of them to be full of lice and further she deposeth that one time the said Thos Jones going to cart with wood to Colne about a year ago as she remembereth came home from thence distempered with drink and lay sleeping at the stable door in Wm Collin's yard within the parish of Haulsted articulate and further she does not know to depose