Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

31.1.1621 (Wednesday 31 January 1621)

document 701052

to the eighteenth and nineteenth articles she said and deposed that about holimas last this deponent being sent for to Geo Sawell's house in Haulsted went thither and being there the said Geo asked this deponent whether she had seen the hole articulate or not and she telling him that she had seen it he requested her to go to the house where the said hole was and see whether the said hole was not altered since the she first saw the same and thereupon she saith she went thither and coming into the chamber over the cheese house articulate where the said hole was she found the said hole much altered and enlarged for the one end thereof which was but a cranny or crevice of a straws breadth and so small that one could scarce look through it was now much bigger and wider than the other end which was when she first saw it the biggest and largest and saith that it was much as she thinketh longer than it was so that the said Jones articulate hath deposed as articulate it cannot be but he hath deposed contrary to the truth and further she does not know to depose