Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

31.1.1621 (Wednesday 31 January 1621)

document 701045

to the fifteenth and sixteenth articles she said and deposed that since midsummer last this deponent at the request of the articulate Isabel Collin helping her in her house she wanting at that time a maidservant and going up into the chamber over the cheese house articulate to make the bed where Thos Jones did usually lie and having heard some report of the hole articulate did the more carefully observe and mark the same and then she saith the hole articulate was at one end thereof about the breadth of a groat for a finger length and the rest being as much more in length was a little cranny betwixt the boards about a straws breadth through which one could hardly see down into the room underneath and that as she believeth one only could look down through the said hole at one time to discern plainly any act done or committed in the lower room and further she does not know to depose