Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

1.2.1621 (Thursday 1 February 1621)

document 701779

to the seventh eighth tenth and sixteenth articles said and deposed that upon the sunday after the process# was served upon the articulate Alice March by Felix Blackman to appear at London at Robt Carter's suit the articulate Margt French came to this deponent's house where the said March then kept and told her the said March that she was cited to appear at London at Robt Carter's suit and the said March said that she was cited also and they both then affirmed that they would not say that he the said Robt Carter had the use of Isabel Collin's body for a thousand pounds only they saw him lie upon her in the cheese house and further he deposeth that they both then affirmed being asked by this deponent to that purpose that they did not see the said Carter lie upon the said Isabel at one instant time but one after another through a hole in the chamber over the cheese house and further she does not know to depose