Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

1.2.1621 (Thursday 1 February 1621)

document 702602

to the twenty second article she said and deposed that within the time articulate and in the time of this deponents service with the articulate Isabel Collin the articulate Nath Hatley did lie in the said Isabel's house being there about work for her husband Wm Collin and one night the said Hatley being in bed in his chamber the said Isabel after her husband was gone to bed went up into the said Hatley's chamber with Margt French her servant who carried a candle in her hand and after they were come thither the said French left her dame the said Isabel alone in the said Hatley's chamber and the candle burning by them and came down again into the hall where this deponent was and within half an hour or thereabouts after she the said Isabel did call or knock for the said French to come up again and thereupon she the said French went up and found the candle out and her dame bade her go down and light it again which when she had done she carried it up again and left it there and came down again leaving the said Hatley and her dame together and within a quarter of an hour after she the said Isabel and Hatley came down together into the hall the said candle being out and being there she caused a rack of veal to be fried in steaks for him and herself and the said Hatley being then bare legged without stockings and further she does not know to depose