Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

1.2.1621 (Thursday 1 February 1621)

document 702971

to the tenth eleventh twelfth and thirteenth she said and deposed that during this deponents service with the articulate Wm Collin the articulate Isabel Collin hath been oftentimes at Jn Middleton's house in Green Street and hath been there disguised and overtaken with drink and hath come home from thence many times in the same manner and this deponent hath been there with her when she hath behaved herself idly and wantonly but never dishonestly to her knowledge and once her master Wm Collin did fetch her the said Isabel from thence in the evening and hath divers times sent for her from thence by this deponent and sometimes she would come home and sometimes she would not but ever she would have her husband in bed before she would come in and further she does not know to depose