Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD2)

1.2.1621 (Thursday 1 February 1621)

document 703370

to the thirty first article she said and deposed that she hath heard it reported that the articulate Isabel Collin hath been oftentimes noted to be drunk at Haulsted town within these two years last past and that she once came to this deponent's house within the said time being drunk and there she lay all night about five of the clock in the afternoon in summer time and there continued till twelve in the night lying upon a bed and then her husband sent for her and she went home and further she saith that knowing her the said Isabel to nurse her child and give suck she asked her at the same time whether her breasts did not prick and she made answer that her breasts did not prick but she had one part about her would have a prick and further she does not know to depose