Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD3)

9.7.1623 (Wednesday 9 July 1623)

document 800161

second witness Geo Crammer of Great Tey in the county of Essex husbandman where he had lived since his birth aged 40yr old or thereabouts freely witness etc he saith and deposeth as follows to the said allegations and testament exhibited he saith and deposeth that upon the day of the date of the will exhibited whereupon he is now examined he this deponent was sent for to come to the house of the said deceased situate in Much Tey in the county of Essex who going thither accordingly found Rich Porter a witness produced with him this deponent writing of this will exhibited in the chamber where the testator then lay and when he had finished the same he read it over to the said testator in the presence of this deponent Jn Kinge and others and when the said testator had heard the same he approved and liked very well thereof and in confirmation thereof sealed subscribed and delivered the same for his last will and testament being at all the premises in perfect mind and memory and lived about a week afterwards and lastly he saith and deposeth that the said testator did nominate and appoint Jn Barker his son in law executor of his said testament and last will and did likewise give and bequeath all other the legacies in the same will contained and this he knoweth to be true because at the time of this his examination he saw and heard this will exhibited and read over unto him and doth well remember the particulars therein to be according to the mind of the said testator as also for that he then likewise saw the mark which he subscribed to the same will as witness which he well knoweth and further he does not know to depose mark Geo Crammer Robt Aylett