Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD4)

18.1.1628 (Friday 18 January 1628)

document 800300

to the fourth and fifth articles and the schedule to be annexed he said and deposed that about a fortnight or three weeks after the death of the articulate Emme Polly this deponent at the request of the articulate Ralph Creyfield went with him to the house of the widow Prentice in White Colne sister of the said Emme Polly deceased to see what goods were in the same house which were belonging to the articulate Emme Polly and then the said widow Prentice showed the articulate Ralph Creyfield and this deponent two chests which she said were the goods of the said Emme Polly at the time of her death and thereupon the said Creyfield opened the said chests and in one of them he found 7li2s in ready money which he took out and told over and when he had done so he laid it by and then the articulate Thos Prior being there took up the said 7li2s and said that he would keep the same for his aunt Ann Polly (may be Ann Polly) till he did see the will of the articulate Emme Polly that he might know whether it were hers or not and the said Prior carried away the said 7li2s and would not deliver it to the articulate Ralph Creyfield and further he does not know to depose