Archdeaconry Depositions (ERO D/ABD4)

18.1.1628 (Friday 18 January 1628)

document 800418

to the fourth and fifth article and the schedule to be annexed said and deposed that the stamell# petticoat articulate was the articulate Emme Polly's at the time of her death and this he knoweth to be true for that he this deponent had divers times seen her the said Emme wear it in her life time and that it was worth at the time of her death 20s in this deponent's judgement and further he deposeth that being a witness of the will of the articulate Emme Polly and present when she made it heard her say that the said Thos Pryor had 11li of lawful english money of hers in his hands which she then gave by her will to the children of the said Thos Pryor as by the said will appeareth and also he deposeth that a little after the death of the articulate Emme Polly this deponent went with the articulate Ralph Creyfield to the house of the widow Prentice in Colne Engaine sister to the said Emme Polly to see what goods of the said Emme's were there and his precontestis Robt Till went with them and then the said widow Prentice showed them two chests which she said were the goods of the said Emme Polly at the time of her death and thereupon the said Ralph Creyfield having the keys of the said chest opened them and in one of them he found 7li2s which he took out and told over and so did his precontestis Robt Till and when he had so done the said Creyfield put up the said money in a cloth that it was in before and laid it by and then Thos Pryor aforesaid being there snatched up the said money and told the said Creyfield that he would keep it till he saw more and the said Creyfield and the rest that were there requesting him the said Pryor oftentimes to redeliver the said money to the said Creyfield he the said Pryor expressly refused so to do and carried it away and further he does not know to depose