Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA6)

17.1.1576 (Tuesday 17 January 1576)

document 1001089

negotiations concerning the accounts of the goods of Robt Enos once of Earls Colne deceased in the hands of by the promotion of Grace Enos also Horspett the administrator of the said persons goods Rich Horspett her husband appeared and showed an inventory of 12li8s then for the satisfaction of the creditors appeared Robt Reade executor of the will of Jn Pettfield deceased and showed two obligations under the hands of the deceased to the sum of 5li and Hugh Potter executor of Jn Potter of White Colne he showed debts from the deceased of 5li and further Jn Grene of Halsted for rent for house and land 30s and further Jn Potter of Colne Engaine 53s4d under the hand of the deceased and further Robt Reade and Jn Grene seek another obligation to the sum of 10li on the account of Barth Church further Agnes Beeston widow by Reade sought payment of debts of 15li3s and Robt Welshe of Bocking for debts of 40s and widow Woodward for debts of 20s and Ward of Gestingthorpe 20s the administrators were ordered to pay these debts before st mary the virgin and to appear to undergo further process