Archdeaconry Act Book (ERO D/ACA20)

26.4.1593 (Thursday 26 April 1593)

document 1500574

Jn Chamberlin of Pontisbright noted for brawling and quarrelling in the church appeared and confessed that one Rich Quanterell of Earls Colne did quarrel with this respondent# in the churchyard of Pontisbright and did strike up his heels and did box him about the head and break his head with his patten and that this respondent# did resist him as he might and in striving with him did break the said Quanterelles brow with this respondent's patten and this he saith was done upon easter monday 16.4.last in the time of the communion presently after divine service therefore the judge suspended him from going into the church and ordered him to acknowledge his guilt before the congregation and to certify and suspended from office