Consistory Court Office Act Book (LRO DL/C/618)

27.3.1605 (Wednesday 27 March 1605)

document 2100228

Rich Harlakenden of Earls Colne presented for being proprietor of the parsonage for not paving the chancel of the church and also setting pews there without licence of the ordinary to the hindrance of the communicants 7.9.1605 at Dunmow Rich Harlakenden esq appeared and humbly sought absolution and the judge objected against him that the chancel is not paved in one place where he is to make a tomb for his father that tomb he saith he cannot do until the summer and further he saith the illegible text set there by his father always proprietor of the parsonage and not by himself judge ordered him to that he pave the chancel and certify on the third of the fifteenth easter 12d 18d to be enjoined to remove them and certify