Consistory Court Office Act Book (LRO DL/C/305)

13.9.1607 (Sunday 13 September 1607)

document 2100361

office of the judge against Wm Biat schoolmaster of Earls Colne and curate of White Colne he appeared and was asked how long he had taught at Earls Colne he saith he hath taught the half year viz st christophers last but confesseth he neither hath a licence nor ever sought for a licence but he hath taught only under the warrant and by the appointment of mr Adams the vicar there and confesseth that one mr Stockbridge an ancient master of arts hath taught there and doth teach there now being allowed by my lord grace of Canterbury when he was bishop of London as he saith therefore Byatt inhibited from teaching there or anywhere else in the diocese of London