Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

26.3.1733 (Monday 26 March 1733)

document 11000341

being easter monday then took in the last five weeks being the disbursements of Jas Brawbrook the standing collection amounting to 8li14s4d1h the reliefs amounting to 7li15s11d1h 16li10s4d deducted out of Laswell's bill 2s6d deducted by goods sold of the widow Walker's 2li7s10d 2li10s4d due to balance 14li taken in by us Rich Stringer Jn Newton Oliver Johnson Jn Hatch Jn Harrington Jn Leaper Jn Granger Jn Unwin Jn May Geo Wall Rich Argent at the same time agreed by the above said gentlemen that dr Smith should be paid for the cutting of Dan Cook's leg out of the money raised out of the mare and collection late Laswell's being the sum of 3li3s as agreed for