Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

15.6.1742 (Tuesday 15 June 1742)

document 11300336

at a vestry held the 15.6.1742 it is ordered that mr Jn Newton and mr Jn Hatch the present churchwardens do receive for the use of the parish of Maria Ann Cressener widow of Geo Cressener esq deceased the sum of 6li being two years annuity at 3li per annum and due 4.11.last and given by the said Geo Cressener by his will dated 2.7.1722 unto the churchwardens of this parish for the time being forever for repairing his vault and monument in this church and charged upon a freehold estate in Golden Lane in the county of Middx devised to her and her heirs forever by his said will the same sum to be laid up as a fund for repairing the said vault and monument from time to time and when and as often as occasion shall be and require Thos Sewell Oliver Johnson Jn Harrington Jn Unwin