Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

8.10.1741 (Thursday 8 October 1741)

document 11500069

out pensioners 8.10.1741 8.10.1741 to removing of Dan Middleton's family 2s6d to Dan Middleton's wife before the remove 2s to Jeff Cook help for taking down two beds and putting them up again at the removal of Dan Middleton and other jobs to repair the house and expenses 5s 8.10.1741 to beer for women children and carters 1s6d 8.10.1741 to sack for the family 5d to sack and hartshorn for the family 7d to half a load of wood 7s to Jn Alliston for carrying of things to the family the whole time of the smallpox 7s to widow Wade sick 6d to removing Phil Crisp's family to Halstead with the smallpox 3s to removing widow Crow into the workhouse 1s 8.10.1741 to half a load of wood more for Middleton 7s 9.10.1741 to Rich Chaplin sick 3s 9.10.1741 to Chas Wright for Smith's girl 1s6d 2li2s