Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/3)

10.10.1749 (Tuesday 10 October 1749)

document 11900462

voluntary examination of Jane Middleton of Earls Colne in the said county single taken upon oath 10.10.1749 who says that she is now big with child and that one Jon Goslin (may be Jon Goslin) sawyer of the said parish did about the time of ladyday.last so far prevail upon her as to have carnal knowledge of her at which time she verily believe he had got her with child with which she is now pregnant though she says he had frequent knowledge of her body both before and after that time and that the said Jon Goslin (may be Jon Goslin) is the father of the said child and no other person whatsoever mark Jane Middleton sworn before me Robt Tweed