Bastardy Bonds (ERO D/P209/15/3)

25.10.1752 (Wednesday 25 October 1752)

document 11900488

examination of Sarah Middleton taken upon oath touching the legal place of settlement 25.10.1752 who saith that as she has been informed and believeth says she was born at Earls Colne in the said county and was kept at Colne aforesaid by Thos Sadd at the expense of the parishioners of White Colne for several years and that she had never done any act since whereby to gain a settlement elsewhere mark Sarah Middleton sworn before me Xoph Wilson voluntary examination of Sarah Middleton of the parish of Earls Colne single taken on oath before me one of his majesties justices of the peace taken 25.10.1752 this examinant on her oath doth declare she is with child and that the said child is likely to be born a bastard and to be chargeable to the parish of Earls Colne and the said Sarah Middleton doth charge Thos Sadd of the said parish labourer of having got the same child on her body sometime after ladyday.last sworn and transcribed by the said Sarah Middleton the day and year abovesaid mark Sarah Middleton before me Xoph Wilson