Wills (ERO D/ACR1/177 Agnes Belde 1510)

17.11.1510 (Sunday 17 November 1510)

document 2301201

the will of Agnes Belde of Earls Colne in the name of god amen the 17.11.1510 I Agnes Belde of Earls Colne being sick in body and whole in mind in this manner and form make my testament in the beginning I bequeath my soul to almighty god my maker and saviour to our blessed lady and to all saints in heaven and my body to be buried in the parish church of the said Colne nigh to the burial of Wm Belde that was my husband item I give and bequeath to the cathedral church of St Paul in London 4d item I give and bequeath to the high altar of Earls Colne church for my tithes and offerings forgotten a basin with an ewer both of latten item I give and bequeath to the reparation of Colne church for my burial 6s8d item I give and bequeath to priests and clerks lights with all funeral appurtenances at my burying day 6s8d item I give and bequeath out of my goods 8s for a cow and with the farm of the cow to keep the obit of me Agnes Rich Belamy Jn Knyght my husbands Jn Prior and Alice his wife my father and my mother this obit to be kept in Earls Colne church ever more to the curate for dirge and mass and bead roll 8d to the sexton for ringing the dirge time 4d to the beadsman for his duty going about the town 1d to the churchwardens of the said town for the time being 2d yearly to see this be done on st clements day 23.11. and the said cow to be in the hands of Jn Michell of Inforde and Rose his wife term of their lives and after their death to be delivered to a sufficient person with surety item I give and bequeath to Colne church a towel of diaper item I give and bequeath to Joan Mogg my goddaughter a pewter platter to Agnes Myth goddaughter a pewter platter to Alice Sprigg a kercher with a catena to Jane Anneras a green gown to Isabel Paynter a burnet kirtle to Marge Bentley a burnet kirtle to Marion Powle a russet petticoat to Joan Mendham a smock to Alice Burton a smock the supervisor of these bequests sir Wm Chapet vicar of Earls Colne to see it be done the residue of all my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Rose Michell my daughter to do with deeds of charity for my soul and all christian souls of this my testament I ordain and make mine executors Jn Michell and Rose his wife to this my testament beareth witness Jn Regham with A Belde and Jn Wastelyn with other men