Wills (ERO D/ACR1/102 Walt Tether 1504)

28.9.1504 (Saturday 28 September 1504)

document 2301129

the will of Walt Tether of Earls Colne in the name of god amen in 28.9.1504 I Walt Theder being sick in body and in whole mind making my testament on this manner first I bequeath my soul to almighty god and to our lady and to all the holy company in heaven and my body to be buried in the churchyard of St Andrews in the aisle of our lady in the parish of Earls Colne item I bequeath to the high altar of the said church for tithes and offerings forgotten 3s4d item I bequeath to the making of the roadway 40s item to pauls pardoner 4d item all my lands and tenements copyhold and freehold and all my movables I give and bequeath to Isabel my wife term of her life and after her decease to be sold and the said money thereof to go to the church of Earls Colne and there to make a chapel of our lady and if it happen the said Isabel to fall poverty then I will that she sell a part or all to help herself and the decease of Isabel my wife I will that all the goods that she leaveth movable and unmovable go to that intent aforesaid and I will that two men be chosen of able men in the town to rule the said goods according to this my said last will and they to be rewarded for their labour according to reason ever since by my supervisors mr prior and mr vicar and all the residue of all my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Isabel my wife at her disposition whom I make and ordain mine executrix the witnesses mr vicar Robt Byeston Robt Turnebull Robt Mateas Hen Polyn Jn Waslyng with other men