Wills (ERO D/ACR1/70 Jeff Awdelegh 1503)

18.9.1503 (Monday 18 September 1503)

document 2300953

the will of Jeff Awdelegh of Earls Colne in the name of god amen the 18.9.1503 I Jeff Awdeleigh of Earls Colne in the diocese of London being in good and whole mind make my testament and last will in this wise first I give and bequeath my soul to almighty god my maker and to our lady saint mary and to all the company of heaven my body to be buried in the churchyard of Colne aforesaid next to the sepulchre of my mother I give and bequeath to the high altar of the same church for my tithes and offerings forgotten 12d item I bequeath to the mother church of Pauls 12d item I will that all my copy lands and free lands in the town aforesaid be put in the hands of my four feoffees by the licence of the lord which names of the said feoffees is sir Wm Chopet vicar there Walt Tether Robt Biston and Wm Belde there to have these lands receiving yearly the service for to pay and content my debts well and truly and to keep the reparations of the same tenement and the barn and of all the houses belonging to the same land called Heyhouse of the said town of Colne aforesaid provided always that when my debts be paid and content then I will a priest be found with the service of the same a year after that this done then I will that my feoffees shall give estate again to my two sons that is for to say Thos Awdeleigh the elder and to Thos Awdeleigh the younger brother unto the said Thos and so be that either of them die afore the other the elder son to have all and if it happen both die without heirs of their bodies lawfully begotten then I will it shall remain to my brother Wm Awdeleigh mine executor and he to have it and to his children of his body lawfully begotten finding a priest a year to read and sing for me my wife's my children's and for all my good friends souls in the church of Colne aforesaid and so be my brother Wm die without heirs of his body lawfully begotten then I will these foresaid lands to be sold to the most advantage that it can be and 10li thereof I will it shall go to the church of Colne aforesaid for to do such good deeds of charity with all and that all my friends may be remembered and the residue of the money left I will it be distributed among my sister Ann's children of Coxsall and to my brother Wm's daughters item I will that the marsh lying under Brokhowse Garden shall go to that intent for to keep mine obit with all for evermore item I will that my sister Christian Badcok shall have her dwelling in the house called the Tavern term of her life and also I will she have yearly a hundredweight wood and 12bush of wheat and rye and two seams of barley out of the farm of Heihowse aforesaid item I will that my house that that I dwell in to be sold by mine executor and my children and the money thereof to help perform my will and pay part of my debts item I will that mine executor and my children shall receive all my debts that be owing to me for costs and charges many ways item I will mine executor and my children to sell my cattle and my corn to help perform my will item I will that Jn Wheler the younger have a mattress a pair of blankets a pair of sheets and a coverlet a little girdle harnessed with silver and two silver spoons item I will that Agnes Wheler sister unto the said Jn have a kirtle a harnessed girdle and two silver spoons the residue of my goods and hostilments I will it be distributed among my two sons and my brother Wm mine executor item I ordain and desire master prior of Earls Colne if it may please him to be my supervisor and he to have for his great labour 20s and also I make mine executor my brother Wm Awdeleigh and he to have for his labour 20s in witness hereof sir Wm Chapet vicar of Colne Edw Wastlyn and Agnes Stone with others date the day and year above said