Wills (ERO D/ACR2/213 Robt Molle 1528)

31.12.1528 (Saturday 31 December 1528)

document 2302038

the will of Robt Molle of Earls Colne in the name of god amen the 31.12.1528 I Robt Molle of Earls Colne being whole of mind and good memory ordain and make this my last will and testament in this form following first I bequeath my soul unto almighty god unto our lady saint mary to all the blessed company of heaven and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the said parish item I bequeath to the high altar of the said church in recompense of my tithes by negligence forgotten 12d item I bequeath to the said altar a fine sheet for an altar cloth item I bequeath to the reparation of the bells of the said church 3s4d item I bequeath to the said church two sufficient beasts for to have mine obit kept yearly in this form that is to say to the vicar for mass and dirge bead roll and lights 9d to the sexton 4d to the beadsman 1d in bread and ale 12d to the reparations of the church 4d and to the churchwardens for their labour 2d to see this done item I bequeath to sir Thos Garnet vicar of Earls Colne aforesaid 10s to sing a trental in the said church immediately after my decease for the souls of my father and my mother my soul and all christians item I bequeath to the youngest Rich my son my bow and shafts my best cap with an arrow of silver thereon and two coats of violet and one sleeved and another unsleeved four pewter dishes and four saucers two platters my best brass pot a little kettle a little coffer my best bedcloth a pair of canvas sheets my best bedstead and my best bag and a dagger my best brush bill a pair of shears a pair of russet hose and my best shirt item I bequeath to Jn my son a fan a sack four iron wedges a pair of pincers a hammer my greatest hutch four cheese moats and their breads and white pillows my best spit my best russet coat my buck leather doublet my blue hose and a gleyve my best boots and shoes two platters two pewter dishes a brass pot a canvas sheet a silk girdle two ells of canvas a new bit for a bridle two pairs of scales with all the weights to them and my best spinning wheel item I bequeath to Wm my son my greatest kettle and greatest posnet my malt quern a chafer a skillet a frying pan a stomer and a candlestick four iron wedges a trivet a cheese moat two pillowberes and a pillow a spit a gridiron of two of the best tubbs my best doublet my best hose the shirt now on my body a handemanned a pair of great beds with a ring of silver and gilt my wife's petticoat her holyday cap and a girdle of thread item I bequeath to Marge my daughter my hog my cauldron a chest a brass pot next the best my great trivet a candlestick two pillowberes one of silk another of cloth a pillow a red hat a cup a pannier and a purse of charcoal black item I bequeath to Jn Bull my godson a pewter dish a platter two saucers a latten ladle two sleeveless coats and my third shirt item I bequeath to Margt Bull a pewter dish a platter and two saucers my broad candlestick and violet kirtle item I bequeath to Margt the daughter of Wm my son two ducks and a drake and to Thos Messyng my long dagger and a bill and provided that all these legacies aforesaid to my said children I will that Margt my wife have the use and keeping of it during her life natural and if she be in necessity or need then she to help herself with any part thereof and that remaineth after her decease and all other household stuff then equally to be divided except the cupboard among them according to this my last will the residue of all my goods not bequeathed my debts paid and this my last will performed in likewise that my said wife have it and all that remaineth of that after her decease mine executor to have it and to dispose in deeds of charity for the wealth of my soul whom I ordain and make Thos Roote to see my debts paid and this my last will performed and he to have for his pains and labour 2s and sir Thos Garnet vicar of Earls Colne aforesaid to be supervisor and he to have for his pain and labour 16d these witness Jn Molle Wm Molle and Thos Messyng with other men